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¿Why choose Granja Berna?

Near from beaches, Montevideo —capital city of Uruguay—, and from Buenos Aires city; a two way route leading to a different place.


Our interviewed tells their life testimony and how they see the Granja Berna plots and the project.


Exclusive interviews

English subtitles soon. (Spanish audio)

An Interview to Fernando Pérez ÁlvarezPublic Auctioneer, tells their testimony, how is the life in Nueva Helvecia and bring his thoughts regarding the Granja Berna plots.

en breve

An Interview to Alexandra Wehrheimwhom came from Germany to live in Nueva Helvecia; she runs his real estate business focused in customers that are planning to live in Uruguay— she talk about their testimony, how she lives the city, and gives their opinion about the Granja Berna plots.

Nueva Helvecia —The city

Eventos en Nueva Helvecia

Agenda/Events, links of interest.

Que ver en Nueva Helvecia
Nueva Helvecia encuentro magico
Que ver en Nueva Helvecia
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